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Recognition Of Prior Learning

Up-skill in Hospitality, Health, Management, Trade, Agriculture, Fitness, Events, and more!

If you’re still wondering how to get your feet off the ground and launch a career in the competitive Australian job market, the Complete facilities group is for you. Recognition of Prior Learning is the answer to all your questions, and if you haven’t thought about it before, now is the time to seriously consider and look at the many options available to you according to the domain you’re in, skill set, work experience, internship, or training you have had over the years. The complete facilities group provides business facility management solutions in the Sydney region. Security, cleaning, and hygiene.

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Hospitality & Health

Course Code Course Name
SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
SIT40516 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management
CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability
CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support
CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support
CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services
CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management

Management, IT & Childcare

Course Code Course Name
BSB50215 Diploma of Business
BSB60207- Advanced Diploma of Business
BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management
BSB61218 Advanced Diploma of Program Management
BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership & Management
BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
CHC50113- Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
ICT50118 Diploma of Information Technology (IT)
ICT60115 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (IT)
TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) – Upgrade only
TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) – full package


Course Code Course Name
CPC31912 Certificate III in Joinery
AUR30616 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
AUR40216 Certificate IV in Automotive
CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction
CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction
CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry
CPC30611 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating
CPC31311 Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling
CPC31211 Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining
MEM30319 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication trade
CPC32413 Certificate III in Plumbing

Massage & Hairdressing

Course Code Course Name
HLT52015 Diploma of remedial massage
SHB30416 Certificate III in Hairdressing
SHB40216 Certificate IV in Hairdressing
SHB50216 Diploma of Salon Management

Graduate Diploma

Course Code Course Name
BSB80615 Graduate Diploma of Leadership and Management(learning)

Agriculture & Trade

Course Code Course Name
CPC30111 Certificate III in Bricklaying/Block laying
CPC31311 Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling
AHC33719 Cert III Horticulture
FBP30317 Certificate III in Cake and Pastry

Fitness Course

Course Code Course Name
SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness
SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness
SIS50215 Diploma of Fitness

Event Management

Course Code Course Name
SIT50316 Diploma of Event Management

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