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Pest Control Services

Complete Facilities pest control services deal with everything from rodents and insects to birds and reptiles

An uncontrolled pest problem can cause serious problems for businesses and lead directly to health problems for staff, customers or members of the public. A pest problem can also lead to severe reputational damage, particularly in environments where food is served or sold. Hygiene is not the only consideration. For example, mice or rats can cause structural damage by gnawing cables resulting in fires, or pipes causing water damage.

Effective pest control is vital to avoid these risks and Complete Facilities provides a full range of services.

Scheduled service plans provide long term solutions to control the situation and prevent infestations. During each site inspection any treatment work will be carried out as necessary and an update will be provided for the pest control file. It is a legal requirement for this file to be maintained for any regular pest control service and it also provides evidence of a managed pest control system.

Ad hoc services are also available to resolve urgent issues.

Benefits of Complete Facilities pest control service

  • The scheduled service prevents infestation and manages the risk of problems caused by pests
  • The ad hoc service quickly and effectively deals with pest issues
  • Simplified contract by consolidating suppliers; single invoice and one point of contact
  • Fulfil legal requirements with documentation provided for pest control file