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Security Services

Front of House Security

Meeting and greeting customers or keeping a low-profile (in uniform or plain clothes), our Front of House Security can blend seamlessly with your staff or stand out, be it for reassurance or as a deterrent.

We can also provide welcoming and attentive concierge services, for hotel and residential situations.

Front of House Security takes many forms, but the primary objective is the same: to keep you safe.

Mobile Patrols

Crime prevention is our priority, but we’re also quick to respond. Mobile Patrols work in a number of ways. Assigned to your premises and their surroundings, Security personnel will keep regular checks on even the most remote corners to deter unwelcome visitors.

The way our Mobile Patrols operate is to provide a flexible, cost-effective solution to your security needs. On foot or by car, our Security Services can call on your premises day or night. Where hiring your own dedicated team is not an option, our Mobile Patrols provide an affordable alternative.

Office Security

First impressions count when hiring Security Guards. It’s important we project the right image – one that matches your own company’s values. Meeting and greeting staff every morning, and as the first point of contact for visiting executives and VIPs, our teams will take care of offices, commercial properties and council buildings, patrolling the premises, controlling goods in and out, monitoring CCTV cameras and more.

Event Security

A private function or business launch. A nightclub event or festival – no matter how big or small there are many events that call for additional security staff. Because our flexible workforce is ready-vetted and trained, we can respond at short notice.

Retail Security

Many of our Security Officers have a background working in customer service roles. Where we deal with the public at large – with professionals and families – we know how important taking a soft approach can be. Our uniformed Officers are skilled at dealing with large crowds, during the sales or evacuating shopping malls in an emergency. We can also deploy covert store detectives, oversee control room operations, manage car parks and provide First Aid.

VIP Protection

Whatever your situation or requirements, our uniformed, suited or undercover specially trained Close Protection Specialists provide the highest standard of protection. Shadowing a special visitor for a shopping spree or dealing with press and paparazzi, we will plan routes, prepare venues and ensure the day runs smoothly.

Private Investigations

Statistics suggest a majority of corporate fraud is committed by existing employees. Most cases are uncovered by accident, many when it’s too late. That’s why we place as much emphasis on prevention as we do on recovery.

If what you suspect has already happened, we’ll investigate – covertly and discreetly – until we identify the source of the problem.

At Complete Facilities Group, all of our Security Officers are closely supervised and supported by their Team Leaders and Managers. Together, whatever the threat or problem we have a support structure to get the job done.